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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Monica Lewinsky in Timbuktu ?

Monica Lewinsky, one of the most famous celebrity in America that gain public attention after her scandal with Clinton, seems like disappear from the media attention today. Many people said that Monica has been left away to Timbuktu with Superman, and then spends a lot of time promoting her biography "Monica's Story" there in the desert land area. Just a few moment after in a TV interview, said she loved Bill Clinton and had hoped that they might marry after he left the White House. Some other people said that Monica is preparing for the next “Desperate Housewife” movie with beautiful actress Eva Longoria, where she will be the Monica herself.

Those news were not true. She was not going anywhere. She is still in US. Monica Lewinsky has just become a spokeswoman for the diet company "Jenny Craig", and from the latest news said that Monica now lives in New York City where she sells her own line of purses and accessories at www.therealmonica.com.