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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Please, Pimp My Ride

Pimp My Ride is another TV show produced by MTV, the music television channel. Each episode consists of taking one car in poor condition and restoring, or customizing it. The original version of this Pimp My Ride was hosted by US rapper, Xzibit. In each episode, Host picks young car owners, begins with the participant showing his or her car off before being modified, and describes the audiences why it needs to be "pimped". After that, the Host visits the participant's house, takes a look at the car’s condition, teases the car owner, tells some wisecracks about the car, and promises the owner a complete makeover of the vehicle.

Xzibit then will drive the car to a custom body shop to replaces most of the components and rebuilds the interior and exterior from scratch. Each car will get custom modification, based to the personalities and interests of the owners. The changes like cosmetic and mechanical work is generally to enable the car to run, and putting the owner’s wish list for their car with custom car part and accessories, such as Ev mode or electric only products for prius, Ground systems for battery performance, Another perf. and fuel save product, or Green car care and natural cleaners.

The body shop’s work usually includes new paint, accessories, chrome, tires and rims, and internal electronics (DVD players, video games, large TFT screens, and other cutting-edge accessories). The car owner visit the garage to get their new customized car, and the mechanics tell all the details of the renovation and the custom features. At the end of show, the participant is usually given a gift somehow related to the car or their hobby.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Just Like Heaven, The Planter's Story

“Just like heaven” is the story about a young doctor, Elizabeth Masterson (Reese Witherspoon) who was hit by a truck while she was driving back home with her car. Three months later, David Abbott (Ruffalo), a landscape architect, who’s in progress to recover from his wife’s death, moves into her apartment. Elizabeth suddenly appears to David at the apartment, with ghostly properties and abilities; appear and disappear, and move through walls.

When they meet, they are both surprised, as Elizabeth is not aware yet of her condition as a ghost. It seems like David is the only person who can see Elizabeth, It is later revealed that one of Elizabeth's young nieces can also sense her presence, although she cannot see her. At first, Elizabeth does not remember anything of her life, and refuses to believe that she is dead.

Actually, Elizabeth’s body is in a coma in the hospital, not yet dead. Elizabeth's spirit and David, both have fallen in love had managed to prevent this just in time, and she miraculously recovers. However, she doesn't remember anything that happened during the coma and her events with David. This leaves David heartbroken; even so he made her a beautiful garden using Decorative Planters, Outdoor Planters, Window Box Planters, and Garden Planters, since the garden was on Elizabeth’s apartment roof deck. One day, Elizabeth goes up to her roof and sees The Planter is finishing up the garden there. Just as he is about to leave, she asks for her key back. When their hands touch, her memory of their sweet togetherness is restored.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Marketing By Email, Some Do and Don’t

We all already know that there are several ways to increase traffic to our website, those are by submitting the websites to search engines, posting comments in blogs, joining forum, and by email marketing. But, many of the new marketers failed to reach the goal when they promote something. This is because of the inappropriate actions they did, like spamming with mail, or sending spam in mail groups. As we know, none of us like spam, and even the spammers them self hate to receive spam, because that is annoying! Guys, I just want to remind that there are many ways we can do better than doing this spam mail.

Marketing by e-mail, is different with blog or website marketing. This is just few examples of how we can promote something by email, find your new way, find your new invention. Attach mail with the link of your website in your signature. Many people do follow the link in your signature, especially for those who will soon or later get in touch with your company. Another way is by joining mail group, but you have to send mail with the same interest. Offer mail subscription at your website, this will automatically tells the subscriber when you updated the content of the website. Create newsletter together with attachment of discount coupons or something like that, which will be like a regular brochure to your costumer. Create this newsletter with Email Marketing Software. Email Marketing Software comes with powerful email list management, professional graphic email campaign, and email marketing educational training center. Email Marketing Software is also a good way to build a successful email marketing campaign. If you do these examples properly, there will be a nice reward for it later.

Monday, July 14, 2008

When Two Architects Fall in Love

Little Bama (Tora Sudiro) at the past, just a fat-shy boy, wears glasses, in one day he fall in love with Tiara (Marissa Nasution), his recent classmate. One day he gave her his little note saying that he loves her, but, unfortunately, rejected. He even get ashamed in front of the class because of that mail.Bama grows up, and became a young, single, a rising star architect in his office, famous by his good look. His works are in the main line of modern style architecture completed with Modern Furniture. He feels that he can get any girl he wants. Although he is engaged with the sensitive Dewi, at the same time Bama was also attached with two other girls; the childish Agnes and the possessive Tina.

Suddenly, Bama meet Tiara again when they got involved in one project. Tiara has also become an architect, working for her self-owned firm, handling Modern Furniture works. The project they were involved in was to build a luxurious apartment, including all designs and properties; from the main facade to the arrangement of its Modern Furniture. Since this was his dream girl, Bama want to get a second chance to get Tiara. They dated, and in one time, Dewi saw them together. Dewi was shocked to see her fiancĂ©e with another girl, she cried, went back home and cast a spell to Bama’s thing named: "Dick” so that his thing later can speak to him like human. This became total disaster for Bama, who has to finish that project with Tiara. There was even time when Bama shouted at “Dick” to shut up, when Tiara was in the same room. This became such an odd situation. Setting with Modern Furniture lay-out, this movie provides light and "crunchy" entertainment.