Monday, January 14, 2013

Masterchef US Season 3 Finale (episode 20)

This, is the finale of Masterchef US Season 3, where Christine Ha from Houston (originally from Vietnam) wins the title for MasterChef. Christine beat Josh in a single challenge to determine who wins the title of MasterChef and $250,000. Christine and Josh were given 2 hours to create a three-course menu of their choosing.
  • Appetizer: Josh is Butter Poached Lobster with Grits and Sweet Potato Purée, and Christine made Thai Papaya Salad with Crab and Mixed Vegetables (Josh's lobster is still to raw). 
  • Entree: Josh is Rack of Lamb with Green Curry Sauce, Spring Peas and Carrots; Christine is Braised Pork Belly with Rice, Crispy Kale and Mitake Mushrooms 
  • Dessert: Josh is Bacon Crusted Pecan Pie with Vanilla Bean and Cinnamon Ice Cream; Christine is Coconut Lime Sorbet with a Ginger Tuile. 

Christine suffers from neuromyelitis optica, in which a person's own immune system attacks the optic nerves and spinal cord. In 1999 she was diagnosed and gradually started losing her vision, and was almost completely blind by 200, and became the first blind contestant and the winner of the third season of MasterChef in 2012