Saturday, December 3, 2011

List of Superman Actors from Christopher Reeves to Henry Cavill

List of Superman Actors, biography:

Christopher Reeves : Superman (the series)
Kirk Alyn: Atom Man vs Superman (TV serials) 1950
George Reeves: The adventures of Superman (TV serials) 1952-1958
Gerard Christopher: The adventures of Superboy (TV serials) 1988-1992
Dean Cain : Lois & Clark (TV serials) 1993-1997
Tom Welling : Smalville (TV serials) 2001-
Brandon Routh : Superman Returns
See: Man of Steel-The Super Mess!
Henry Cavill grew up in Jersey, Channel Islands. Jersey is his home but he is currently, in his own words, "floating around the world." He has four brothers and a pet parrot.
from the real man of steel

For Superman movie collector, check out this three references:


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