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Friday, June 27, 2008

He is silly, but he is smart: Inspector Gadget

Inspector Gadget works as Metro city department police officer. His missions often take him to different places. Inspector Gadget is story about a clumsy, absent-minded and oblivious detective. Inspector Gadget is a human with various bionic "gadgets" those transplanted into his anatomy. Gadget's main nemesis is Dr. Claw, leader of an evil organization known as MAD. This man also had gadgets built into his body. Gadget frequently makes foolish mistakes with his surroundings and current environment, mistaking innocent bystanders for enemies, and believing that the real enemies are friends. His ineptitude always leads him into danger, but he always gets out of trouble through either his trusty gadgets (most notably his springs).

Here is the gadget review, top 10 gadgets which most commonly used: gadget binoculars, which lower down out of his hat, gadget brella, that comes out of his hat, and can be used as a parachute, gadget coat, that inflates and enables him to float in water or in the sky, gadget copter, that come out of his hat and enable him to fly, gadget cuffs, that comes out of his forearm just above his hand, gadget hands, two mechanical hands which can hold various objects including a camera, a motorized fan, a spotlight, a can opener, and other useful things, gadget legs/arms/neck, that embedded into his left hand and can be used to retract the arm, gadget legs (springs): that can extend with springs for jumping and landing, gadget phone, a telephone in his hand. The earpiece is located in his thumb, and the mouthpiece is located in his finger, gadget skates, that come out of the bottom of his shoes, and gadget springs, that come out from his hat to bounce, usually when his head fall against the ground.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

beautiful graphing calculator mind

The story begins in the early years of John Nash (Russel Crowe), studied at Princeton University and develops his "original idea" that will revolutionize the world of mathematics. Early in the movie, Nash begins developing paranoid schizophrenia and endures delusional episodes while painfully watching the loss and burden his condition brings on his wife and friends. Princeton headmaster informs Nash that he has missed many of his classes. A particularly harsh rejection from a woman at the bar inspires his fruitful work in the concept of governing dynamics, a mathematical economics’s theory.

Nash became a lecturer in MIT later. When his student Alicia Larde (Jennifer Connelly) comes to his office, they later fall in love and marry. He also encounters a mysterious Department of Defense agent, William Parcher. In these periods of time he used to be found scribbling math formulas with chalk on window panes, his favorite pass time was trying to find a new spectacular idea on math, observing birds’ movements, and tracing Soviet plot given by Parcher. He gives Nash a new assignment to look for patterns in magazines and newspapers.

From the way this movie described, his mind was functioning as graphing calculators with many aspects and formulas, jumbled with all kinds of numbers and figures. His mind, which became like graphing calculators, was a good visualization tool for the audience to understand his beautiful mind. Nash approaches his old friend Martin Hansen, head of the Princeton mathematics department, who grants him permission to work out of the library and audit classes, although the university will not provide him with his own office. Even though Nash still suffers from hallucinations and mentions taking newer medications from his graphing calculators mind, he is ultimately able to live with and largely ignore his psychotic episodes.

Monday, June 23, 2008

New Knight Rider : besides GPS, like watching two hours Ford commercial

The story begins with Mike Traceur (Justin Bruening), a 23-year-old ex-Army Ranger, -Michael Knight (David Hasselhoff)’s son- has to rescue Sarah Graiman (Deanna Russo), a 24-year old Ph.D. candidate at Stanford University with KITT. The men chasing them are revealed to be mercenaries for BlackRiver, a security contractor inspired by Blackwater Worldwide. They are after a system that Graiman designed called Prometheus, which controls the entire U.S. defense network. The actions begin. The New KITT, now has the full name of Knight Industries Three Thousand, not later Knight Industries Two Thousand.
NBC action series New KITT is using Ford Mustang, Shelby GT500KR, while the old one was Pontiac Trans Arm 1982. New KITT designed by Harald Belker, who also the designer of Batmobile. Technologies in this new KITT like auto cruise, auto pursuit, voice interaction, emergency eject, X-Ray, autopilot, voice analyzer, infrared, blood analyzer, rocket boosters and smokescreen is just the same as the old one. Against from its new equipments, fans critic this movie as "watching a two hours Ford commercial".
While the new technologies used in this new KITT are microprocessor V 2.3, radar, sonar, DNA analysis equipment, mass spectrometer, targeted electromagnetic pulse, and military-grade GPS Tracking. GPS Tracking is actually based on similar ground-based radio navigation systems developed in the early 1940s, those has been used during World War II. GPS Tracking can be used as a surveying tool or as an aid to navigation. Alternatively, it is also used to determine location, speed, direction, and time. GPS Tracking functionality has now started to move into mobile phones, and available for broader commercial use.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Debt Collector : A repentant, reformed ex-convict versus a brooding, bitter and vengeful cop

The story begins with Nick Dryden (Billy Connolly), a former debt collector that has just been released from prison after serving 16 years for murder. In the past, Nicky was Edinburgh's most notorious and violent criminal, but his rehabilitation has worked wonders. He now becomes a lauded writer and sculptor. As he is now a free man, he married to his successful journalist wife (Francesca Annis) and work in the art world for his strikingly disturbing sculptures.

The former policeman who arrested him, Gary Keltie (Ken Stott), resents Dryden's new-found success and wants to sabotage it. Gary does this because he is depressed by the futility of his job, cannot pay the debt, and alone in the world except for his aging mother. He can't forget the past and suddenly cast a public hate campaign for Nick, exacerbated by the presence of a violent teenager in thrall to Dryden's murderous past. Adolescent gangster Flipper, who is also obsessed by Dryden, gets along with Keltie to destroy Nick’s life.

Movie director Anthony Neilson promises a suspenseful revenge drama, turning on the thrilling theme of Nick's defense against atonement and reform, contrasted with Keltie's obsessive crusade. A repentant, reformed ex-convict is harassed by a brooding, bitter and vengeful cop. That is an unlikely proposition. The story tells us about how a grunted person can destroy someone’s life. Bad financial situation can bring you to a total disaster. So, if you want to take loans, make sure those are good loans, like Student Loans, Private Student Loans or College Loans.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Check your mailbox: you've got a mail!

This is the story about two business rivals who hate each other in business but in the end fall in love over the internet. These two letter-writing lovers are completely unaware that their sweetheart is in fact is actually their rival. Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan) runs the independent bookstore named “The Shop around The Corner”, that her mother ran before her. Kathleen using the avatar "Shopgirl", communicates with avatar "NY152". Joe Fox (Tom Hanks), who runs “Fox Books”, a chain of "mega" bookstores. The two then pass themselves on their respective ways to work, unbeknownst to each other. They later became a best friend to each other (at that moment, Kathleen has a boy friend, and so with Joe has a girl friend.

Kathleen fears with this “Fox Books” store, which opening around the corner of her store, while she doesn’t know that this is actually Joe’s store. She tells this problem to Joe in one of her email, and this makes Joe get shocked. The conflict began, and the rest of it is just full with dramatic situation. The two develop a tentative friendship that blossoms of a few weeks in relationship and they fall in love for one another.

You've Got Mail updates that concept to the use of e-mail and the mail box on internet. The name of the film which was launched in 1998: “You’ve Got Mail!” later became the famous greeting that AOL users hear when they receive new e-mail in their mailboxes. So don’t forget to always check up your mailbox, and maybe you can find a letter from your true soul mate between one of your mail boxes.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

What is the secret?

What is the Secret really about? The Secret is a movie about self help, self rejuvenation, those reveals the most powerful law in the universe. The secret is a -not so famous- movie that has been surprisingly spread around the world. Thousand of forums and websites talk about “The Secret”. Millions of fans buy the DVD and the books, make it became one of the best seller movies all the time.

The conceptor of the Secret, Rhonda Byrne, discover that the secret began with a glimpse of the truth through a 100 year old book. Without exception, every human being has the ability to transform any weakness or suffering into strength, power, perfect peace, health, and abundance. This is the secret to everything that we like, to unlimited happiness, love, health and prosperity. The "Law of Attraction" principle described that people's feelings and thoughts connected to each other and create real events in the world into their lives; from the workings of the cosmos to interactions among individuals in their physical, emotional, and professional affairs. The film also suggests that there has been a strong tendency by those in positions of power to keep this central principle hidden from the public, so that is the secret.

Jack Canfield, one of the men behind the screen, a best seller author of the ‘Chicken Soup for the soul’ business chain tells the audience how to get something by directing the mind. Other authors, entrepreneur, fengshui guru, and philosopher, also contribute their ideas in this documentary style movie. The secret is about 'momentum', to always think big! How we can get what we want by using our mindset. The secret is highly recommended movie to watch for each entrepreneur, and to motivate entrepreneurship; from college entrepreneurship to minority entrepreneurship.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Celebrity Talk about finance: what Stephen King said about credit card

Every person has their own financial problem, even with celebrities. The highest celebrity problem with credit is sport stars, and number two is a movie stars. Mike Tyson, or Paul Mc.Cartney is just some example of them. Why they got problem with their credit? It is because of their lifestyle, or mismanagement of their money.

Let’s see what Stephen King, best-selling author ("Misery," "Carrie," "The Dark Tower," "The Green Mile") said about credit : Stephen can remember coming home one day – He was working two jobs, teaching school and working in the summer in the New Franklin laundry to make ends meet -- and having his wife say, "Give me your wallet." And he gave her his wallet. And at this time everybody was giving out credit cards, you didn't need to apply or anything, they just sent their plastic everywhere, and she took the gasoline credit cards and she had these shears and she cut them all up. Stephen later said, but we're paying our bills, and she said, "No, we're paying the interest. We can't afford to anymore. We've got to pay as we go."

The lesson learned here are: Don't use credit cards to create a lifestyle that your paycheck doesn't support. Understand how much of the credit card bill is interest charges. If you are in debt, contact your credit repair management, repair credit, or go to credit repair service. Using credit cards to finance a business venture can be risky. Not everyone can pen a successful book to cover the accumulated debt. Pay as you go. Credit cards may be essential in modern life, but don't let them rule your life.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Donald Trump, the new celebrity icon

Being famous is not only by became an actress or actor. Even if you are entrepreneur, you can be a superstar. Let’s take an example Donald trump, a tycoon master, and also a book author. Donald Trump is one of the best example for a successful person in US, and honored by Business Week as “one of the most competitive person in the world”.

Donald Trump is CEO of Trump organization, chairman of Trump University, and also one of the most influential real estate investor in the world. Besides in real estate, Trump also well known in the entertainment business like The Apprentice Show where he became famous with what his said: “you fired!”, Trumped: The Radio Show, Trump Model Management, Trump Pageant, and Miss Universe show. Mr. Trump also had Trump University, an online university that deliver program about entrepreneurship and business management. Trump expanded his business in several sectors, like Trump: The fragrance (perfume business), Trump Ice (drinking water), Trump Buffet, Trump Ice Cream Parlor, and GoTrump.com, a travel agent.

Trump has many real estate portfolios, spread in many cities in the world, New York, New Jersey, Panama, LA, Chicago, Florida, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Grenadines, Toronto, Brazil, Seoul, and Dubai. For example Trump International Hotel and tower, one of four properties in North America that hold prestigious Mobil five star rating for both hotel and the in-house restaurant. Its 167 rooms and suites magnificently blend the privacy one would only expect to find in the country with the vibrancy of New York City. More info about New York hotel can be found in easytobook.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Who is the real men of steel? look up in the sky!

There are seven and counting actors play role as a Superman. Between the ages, those superman movies and TV series always successfully broadcasted in all over the world. So this is the men of steel who have been influenced the famous of man of steel.

Christopher Reeves : Superman (the series)

Kirk Alyn: Atom Man vs Superman (TV serials) 1950

George Reeves: The adventures of Superman (TV serials) 1952-1958

Gerard Christopher: The adventures of Superboy (TV serials) 1988-1992

Dean Cain : Lois 7 Clark (TV serials) 1993-1997

Tom Welling : Smalville (TV serials) 2001-

Brandon Routh : Superman Returns

The origin story of Superman begin with born of Kal-El on the planet Krypton, rocketed to Earth as an infant by his scientist father moments before the Krypton's destruction. Adopted and raised by a Kansas farmer and his wife, the child is raised as Clark Kent, and imbued with a strong moral compass.

Kal-El later became a superhero, called by name Superman, faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Superman's famous arsenal of powers has included flight, super-strength, invulnerability to non-magical attacks, super-speed, vision powers (including x-ray, heat, telescopic, infra-red, and microscopic vision), super-hearing, and super-breath. Superman's abilities derived from his Kryptonian heritage.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Light up your house!

Lighting is one of the main factors in design process. It can create atmosphere and psychological reaction for every person inside the room. We can create comfort, warm, bright, intimate, and even luxurious feeling by arrange the lighting inside the room. There are two ways to arrange light, those are natural and artificial lighting. Natural lighting comes from the nature, from direct sun shine. You can get the benefit of this natural lighting all day by arranging the windows and the open space inside a house with a proper direction to the sun. Place a sun shade in front of the windows to minimize the radiation.

When the night comes, artificial lighting contributes psychological effect inside the house. Put down lights in every room to get direct light. Do not forget to place proper spotlights to create a center point for your house’s accessories, like art work and painting. If you have a small room, brighter lamps will makes it feel larger than the real condition. If you want to create warm feel in a room, arrange the lamps with yellow or red color. If you want to create intimate, a private condition in your room, reduce the brightness of your lamps. Do not forget to search lamps with arty and stylish design.

You can search thousands of lighting designs and products from the internet. One of them is farrey.com, which offers hundreds of thousands of lighting fixtures, lights, lamps and outdoor lighting in a wide range of styles and at the lowest prices. Most of the products come from manufacturer and designers like fine art lamps, maxim lighting, and sea gull lighting.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Letter from Iwojima, story about friendship, loyalty, and honor

Letter from Iwojima received 4 Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture. Named 2006's best film by the Los Angeles Film Critics Association and the National Board of Review. Also known as "Red Sun, Black Sand.". Letter from Iwojima based on the nonfiction books "Gyokusai sōshikikan" no etegami by General Tadamichi Kuribayashi and So Sad To Fall In Battle: An account of War.

Movie review =

Described this film with three words= “friendship, loyalty, and honor.” All begins from 2nd world war, when US troops invasion to Japan, setting in Iwojima Island. Poor nutrition and unsanitary conditions take their toll on the garrison; many die of dysentery. The Japanese beach defenses are quickly overcome and the attack turns to the defensive positions on Mount Suribachi. General Kuribayashi orders a retreat northward, but the Suribachi commander instead orders his men to commit suicide; Kuribayashi saves Saigo's life a third time. Kuribayashi and his remaining troops launch their final attack, and Kuribayashi is critically wounded. Summoning his last reserves of strength, the very weak Kuribayashi asks Saigo to bury him so that nobody will find him. Kuribayashi draws his pistol and shoots himself in the chest. Saigo carries away the dead general and buries his body.

This film already received best critic from Rolling Stone= “Eastwood's direction here is a thing of beauty, blending the ferocity of the classic films of Akira Kurosawa (Seven Samurai) with the delicacy and unblinking gaze of Yasujiro Ozu (Tokyo Story).”