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Sunday, May 18, 2008

High stakes and VIP Girl Molly Culver

Beautiful actress Molly Culver, a former high fashion model, runway, and print model born in 1967. She is knows as Hunter in the 2002 film Warrior Angels and as Tasha Dexter in the TV series "V.I.P." (1998). Molly was born and raised on Californias North Bay Area. Her break-through role came in the TV series V.I.P where she plays the beautiful but deadly bodyguard Tasha Dexter, along side with Pamela Anderson. Her movie debut was in the action-adverture packed Warrior Angels (2002), wher she plays the role of Hunter, along side Charlotte Avery and Nick Brading. Off screen, Molly is an avid baker.

Molly said her act as Tasha Dexter is very dry girl! She's a basic girl. When I auditioned for the role, she was all business. The only thing that's happened in the last couple years is that I've layered her. She seduces men for information. She's been married seven times. She's MIA but she's CIA, FBI, KGB. She flies small planes, performs minor surgery... You name it, she's done it. And it's a lot of fun playing an expert at everything! But I find myself studying the day before we do stuff. For example, today I'm a Samurai and Aikido expert. On the set I got a blood blister putting my sword back in the sheath over and over! I mean, they tell me it takes years to master a sword, so I guess it's okay if I don't have it down in five minutes just as long as I make it look good. She also take a part in Heist, 2006.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

top five hottest pregnant celebrities magazine cover

1st Place = Demi Moore
Actress Demi Moore blazed the way for pregnant covergirls when she appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine in 1991
Reviews=his memorable and phenonal photo shoot was very artistic, really show off the beauty of mrs. Ghost.
2nd Place = Halle Berry
While others have bared their bellies, Berry kept it covered, but not hidden for the February issue of InStyle magazine.
Reviews=Ms. Catwoman show off her beauty with clean and chick style.
3rd Place = Eva Herzigova
Czech supermodel Eva Herzigova also posed with her bare belly for Vanity Fair, the Italian version.
Reviews=As a model, Eva plays a nice role in photoshoot. Very sexy picture, but not with her fashion. She just looks like a wake up girl in this picture
4th Place = Britney Spears
The pregnant pop star hit newstands on the cover of Harper's Bazaar for the August 2006 issue.
Reviews=Ms. Oops I did it again, she did a not so britney style, desperately just like looking for more publications.
5th Place = Christina Aguilera
Songstress Christina Aguilera is baring all for the January 2008 cover of Marie Claire, which hits newstands Dec. 11.
Reviews=Ms. Genie in the bottle proudly show off her beauty in the latest pop style, but unfortunately not so good with her hairstyle make up and schene.