Sunday, June 30, 2013

Man of Steel- The Super Mess!

Man of Steel is just like a combination of Superman of digital age, together with Star Trek and Transformers. Don't expect to see to much flying Superheroes as usual, there will be a lot of building destruction and cockroach like spaceships during this full of Hollywood star franchise movie (Kevin Costner-The Bodyguard, Russel Crowe-Gladiator, Henry Cavill-Man of Steel, Diane Lane-Unfaithful, Laurence Fishburne-Matrix, CSI Series). 

The story begins with the born of Jor-El's baby Kal-El while the dying Krypton face the truth. It was not like the production's promotional story in 2012 which said that this movie will be the part of young Clark's time to find out his real identity, meanwhile, this new superhero movies is trying to force the audience to "see" what lies beneath the "S" symbol in the costume.

Movie producer Christopher Nolan and action junkie Snyder as director were in their biggest succeeded on bringing Batman's soul to get rid of old fashioned Clark Kent. Instead of using classic plot, this "Man of Steel" is trying to brought Superman to the new world, the modern age (today). Prepare to see "Nikon D-SLR" as their sponsor, together with SEARS, 7-eleven and other modern age stuff. Beside the red underwear is gone, the phone booth (to change suit) also gone! The before-after story-line for this movie:
  • Superman is killing people today (as he killed Zod by twisting his neck).
  • His mom is lazy today, she is no longer preparing his suit, because it's already prepared inside the spaceship.
  • Clark Kent is no longer geek, he is very.... "hot"! (said by one of the captain-woman)
  • Superman no longer wearing underwear, because this is 2013! everybody is wearing latex suit together with carbon-fiber like hood.
Despite of the Superman's popularity which will take you to the queue line to buy ticket, this movie is a big upside down thumb for almost Superman fans. But this is not Superman, this is: "Man of Steel". As my wive said, just sit and enjoy the movie! :)